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The Miracle of Breath: Breathing and brain power for women's health
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Santiago Brand

Santiago was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, the son of a driven business woman and professional football player, wherein he inherited the passion for business and sports. He attended the University of South Florida in Tampa and lived in Tampa and Orlando for around 12 years. 

While he was working on his graduate studies in sports psychology, he was looking for new ways to not only train, but to assess what happens to athletes as they are practicing, playing, recovering, and more. He was not fully satisfied with the traditional methods of mental training for sports as he found them subjective (and so did many coaches). It was then that he went for a series of lectures in psychophysiology, biofeedback and neurofeedback. It was love at first sight, and he knew that he had found what he was looking for. He also got passionate about trauma work out of his own personal grief (losing his brother when he was 18). He is very interested in learning how trauma impacts the brain and how this information can be used to help people heal.

He quit his job in Colombia and flew to the United States to get formally trained in biofeedback and neurofeedback. That is how his journey into this field started and over a decade later, he is still in love with it and excited with his job. Working with the human brain has allowed him to travel around the world to consult, train and lecture friends and colleagues of his. He has met very fascinating professionals and had the chance to glimpse into the minds of some outstanding athletes, CEOs, musicians, and TV personalities. His clients come from all walks of life and entrust their mental health to him. He has no go greater purpose than to serve others.

During his free time, Santiago enjoys reading (lots of it) and going to the movies. He is an avid golfer (once a 12 Handicap) and passionate rock climber. He started rock climbing to face his phobia of heights and now is addicted to the fear and adrenaline. Santiago also loves traveling, exploring new cultures and setting lofty goals.

Santiago is board certified in neurofeedback, biofeedback and heart rate variability (HRV) and is currently getting board certified in quantitative EEG (qEEG). He also works with event related potential clients to study how the brain reacts and behaves under a variety of conditions and stimuli. 

As an in-demand consultant, trainer and instructor, Santiago has lectured in over 12 countries and with organisations such as the Colombian Sports Ministry, Guatemalan Olympic Committee, Bolivian Football Federation, Taiwan Association of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Biofeedback Federation of Europe and the Association of Applied Psychology and Biofeedback.

Santiago is also the coauthor of the book, “The Power of Brainspotting: An International Anthology” and has been featured in multiple media outlets including CNN. 

Brain Fitness (actual title tbc)
Anna Milani
Anna Milani

Anna Milani, CEO and Founder, has 20 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry working in high end studios to large franchises. Her journey with SPARKD began when she lost her grandfather to Alzheimer’s. From there, her desire to help people improve and maintain their brain and physical health was born.

Anna regularly presents at conferences and for corporates on the topic of exercise and brain health and has won several awards.

She holds a BA in Contemporary Dance and an MBA as well as many certificates in the firness and wellness and neuroscience field.

Magdalena Reynaerts
Magdalena Reynaerts, Head of Education and a cognitive coach has followed her passion in leading an active lifestyle and since 2016 has been working in the Health and Fitness industry. Her journey with cognitive and physical fitness started when she joined Sparkd. 
Magdalena believes that keeping both mind and body engaged is the future of functional fitness and healthy aging. She is deeply passionate about the science behind cognitive health and is proud to be part of Sparkd in bringing a new layer of mental and cognitive fitness.
Magdalena holds a Professional Doctorate in Engineering degree, Master of Science in Biotechnology, is a Certified Co-Active Coach, as well as many certifications in the fitness, neuroscience and traditional yoga fields. 
“Brain and fitness go hand-in-hand, they fulfil each other. As we allow our brain to think and focus during exercises, we build a solid foundation – a healthy brain, fit mind and strong body. That’s the core of healthy aging.”
Panel Discussion - "How to age gracefully and maintain health"
Eztelle Roche Kaye
Eztelle is:
  • Mrs Singapore Tourism International 2019
  • Mrs Tourism Globe 2021
  • Mrs Earth International 2022
  • Mrs Glam World Solidarity 2022
At the age of 2, I witnessed how my mum raised 9 children all by herself. Her determination and perseverance made me realize that we can achieve whatever we want if we believe in ourselves and not to let our surroundings or circumstances deter us.
Oprah Winfrey has also been someone I admire. She represents woman of courage and selflessness. She inspires me to do more and to achieve bigger things in life. 
Watching her giving motivations and inspiring others during her shows whilst witnessing the struggles my mum faced raising us up, make me want to do the same. I want to inspire others to achieve greater good regardless of their strength, backgrounds, ethnicity, language and social status.
I hold that close to my heart as I walk down the runway representing Singapore. Having achieved all the titles proved that my past didn’t define who I am, but what I do that matters. 
That is why I started Euvie Aesthetics Wellness with the endless desire to empower others to be greater than what they think they are. 
Chong Su Lee
Chong Su Lee

Su Lee is a results driven leader with 20 years experience in leading sales and marketing team in the Specialty Chemical fields; Coatings, Biocides, Home & Personal Care and Food. She combines strong technical knowledge and business acumen to achieve outstanding performance in sales & marketing, business development and general management in technology based organization. Now, she provides coaching and consultancy services to individual and companies on nutrition, health and wellness. Her mission is to help individuals and corporations achieve good health via customised wellness program comprising of education, nutrition and exercise.

Dr Edward Cheong

Dr Edward Cheong is a senior upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgeon with more than two decades’s experience providing a full spectrum of laparoscopic GI surgery, and endoscopic treatments for cancer. He completed his specialist training at The Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) in the UK. In 2009, he completed a prestigious post-CCT surgical fellowship in minimally invasive oesophagectomy (MIO), oesophageal/gastric surgery, and endoscopic treatment of oesophageal and gastric cancer with world-renowned MIO pioneer Professor James D. Luketich at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, USA.

Prior to joining PanAsia Surgery, Dr Cheong was senior consultant upper GI/general surgeon, and upper GI cancer director at the NNUH from 2010-2022. He introduced MIO, enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) and endoscopic treatment for early oesophageal and gastric cancer in 2010. Since then, NNUH has been recognised in the UK and internationally as having the shortest length of stay after upper GI cancer surgery (published in UK’s National Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer Audit) for 12 consecutive years. This is an excellent marker of low post-operative complication, and an important factor in the long-term survival after cancer surgery.

In 2017, he became the first surgeon outside America to receive the inaugural Dr James D. Luketich Chairman International Award, presented to the best graduate with outstanding academic and clinical achievements, and cardiothoracic surgical excellence.

Dr Jay Lim

Dr Lim obtained his Bachelor of Computing from the National University of Singapore in 2005. He

completed his graduate medical degree from the University of Sydney in 2009. After housemanship in Sydney, Australia, he returned to Singapore to serve in the local medical system. He completed his Urology Surgical Training in 2017 and did his fellowship in robotic surgery and reconstruction surgery at Macquarie University Hospital, Sydney, Australia, under Prof David Gillatt in 2021.

A keen innovator at heart, he was awarded the Singapore-MIT innovation fellowship in 2017 and is actively involved in the medical device innovation scene. Dr Lim was the first medical doctor appointed Principal Medical Investigator by Artificial Intelligence Singapore (AISG) for his pioneering grant in Natural Language Processing.

Dr Lim’s research interest is ureteral stents, and he has been invited to speak on the topic at the World Congress of Endourology. His clinical interest is in the field of Robotic Surgery, Endourology and minimally invasive surgery.

Sharel Ho
Datin Sharel Ho

Sharel, the managing director of DeFRED Jewellers, is constantly pushing the boundaries of DeFRED’s creativity, design and craftsmanship to the highest echelon of the industry. And once she gets there, she will start all over again because she believes with all her heart that perfection can – and should – be improved on. It’s the only way to grow.

Basic Cardiac Life Support for Babies and Children
Nicholas Choy

Nicholas is a paramedic and educator with over a decade of experience in prehospital emergency care. Since 2018, He has trained over 7000 families, healthcare professionals and organisations in emergency response.

Panel Discussion - "Overcoming stress and burnout"
Juanita Ingram Brown

Juanita Ingram, Esq. is breaking down barriers and empowering others as an award-winning attorney, filmmaker, author, fashion philanthropist, and actress. Currently living in Singapore and formerly residing in London and Taiwan, she is also a wife, mother of two, and the newly crowned Mrs. Universe 2022/2023. She is the Founder and CEO of Purpose Productions Inc., a 501(c)3 women-led production company with a mission of creating content that celebrates authentic BIPOC narratives while empowering women and youth through film. Purpose Productions utilizes the visual arts as a vehicle for challenging negative stereotypes and providing cross-cultural experiences for audiences throughout the world. Purpose Productions is also a conduit for sharing a balanced depiction of diverse cultures and powerful under-represented narratives while serving to foster educational and cross-cultural exposure for global audiences.

On Juneteenth 2021, she launched Purpose Streaming, a streaming platform dedicated to content that inspires, informs, and empowers through BIPOC centric content.


She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Tennessee State University and her MBA and Jurist Doctorate degree from the University of Memphis.  She is a US licensed attorney and a former adjunct professor of Business Law. She is also the founder and Board Chairwoman of Dress for Success Greater London and Dress for Success Chattanooga

Alvina Khoo

Alvina is a Masters graduate from the University of Hull UK (MBA), she was the Regional Director / General Manager at Pacific Leisure Singapore. As a General Sales Agent she was responsible for the product marketing for American Airlines, National Car Rental, Best Western Hotels Worldwide, Monte Carlo Hotels and Casino, Aloha Airlines, Hawaiian Visitors Bureau, Tahiti Tourism Board and Tourism Canada. She was also posted to Hong Kong to work while working at Hong Kong Tourism Board. With her extensive experience in the travel industry, she designs specialised curriculum plans and summer camps for foreign students.


Known as the “Passionate Educator” by The Spirit of Enterprise, Alvina’s vision is to make education accessible to every child and help achieve their dreams.


A school teacher by training, Alvina set up EduCare4u in 2002. She was inspired by her experience caring for Vietnamese children and orphans with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to design a unique family-style education, tuition and guardianship programme for foreign students in Singapore. She is also an active community leader, a member of Singapore’s key business associations and was the Vice-Chairman of the School Advisory Committee of Woodlands Ring Secondary School, Ministry of Education.

Lisa Tan-Koh
Lisa Tan-Koh

Lisa is the feminine face of the couple team behind Maven Communications and specialises in the growth and development of individuals and community. She brings to this part of the world, life-changing events and world-class workshops and programmes in the areas of Money, Sex, Life, Relationships and Death. She helps people lead more fulfilling lives, live in freedom and love and have more connected relationships. Her work offers training and certification in Mind Clearing and Communication and provides ongoing clearing, coaching and help/ training to clients who want support, especially before and after attending her events. She had also been extensively involved in the organisation of conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, workshops and seminars for over 20 years.

Lisa brings with her a wealth of wisdom and experience, having gone through many personal challenges in her life and believes her calling is to empower people in the areas of relationships, emotions and living with true power. She is also passionate about growing a community of strong women, who embrace their femininity fully, in this part of the world.

Anyone who has spent time with Lisa finds her to be compassionate, loving and yet strong-willed and determined. She will sometimes push you to the edge and she will always be there to lovingly catch you.

Being a Certified Professional Coach and Clearer, Lisa is committed to bring freedom, love and joy to as many people as she can in this lifetime. She likes to say about heeding her calling, “I may never be ready, but I am always willing.”

Soh Wan Wei
Soh Wan Wei

Soh Wan Wei is a Singaporean tech futurist, author and thought leader in the Web3.0 and metaverse space.

Passionate about open source movements and virtual beings, she is also the founder and CEO of IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective (IMC). IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective (www.ikiguide.com) counts NYSE-listed Nutanix, Hitachi, Crypto.com and non-profit alliance ChangemakersXchange as some of the key partners and clients in its portfolio.

Wan Wei identifies herself as a global citizen and has previously spent four years living in Europe and a year in Japan. An experienced community advocate, Wan Wei has spoken at more than 100 reputable Web3.0, metaverse and A.I. industry conferences and hackathons globally.

Basic Self Defence for Women
Zac Ryotan Ng

Master Zac is a fervent martial artist with over 30 years’ experience – both as a practitioner and a teacher.  He is the Director of the Korea World Tukkong Association (KWTA) and the Korea Traditional Hapkido Federation (KTHF) in Singapore.  A 7th Dan Black Belt in Korea Tukkong Moosool * (Martial Art of the Korea Special Forces) and a 4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido and Taekwondo, Master Zac is the highest ranking practitioner of Tukkong Moosool in Singapore (Master level). 

In addition to these Korean martial art systems, Master Zac is also a 1st Dan Black Belt in Chanbara (padded Weaponry) and a certified Instructor in Dynamic Combat Method (DCM) and SAMBO (Russian unarmed combat).  He has also received formal training in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Thai Boxing and Krav Maga. 

Master Zac was invited to be a  judge in Mrs Singapore World 2022, Mrs Singapore Chinatown 2023 and Mrs Singapore Chinatown Classic 2023, with U-Elite as the designated fitness company that helped to promote fitness, wellness and the confidence level in the women. 

He also represented Singapore to attend the 2010 World Union of Kung Fu Associations General Assembly and Annual Congress in Iran and invited as special trainer at ClubMed Bintan. Appointed by Jetstar Airline & Scoot Airline as the Chief Instructor of Control & Restraint Tactics for 18 and 10 years respectively, Master Zac has already coached thousands of aircrew members and pilots. Master Zac is an ACTA certified trainer and certified by Singapore Sports Council for achieving the NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Programme) Theory Level 3. He has also received formal training in Security Management.

Apart from his martial arts pursuit, Master Zac is a former member of the Singapore Police Force (1991 to 1998) and a former Commando with the Singapore Police Special Force, STAR unit for 5 years (1993 to 1998).  He was the former Head of the Singapore Police Special Force Contact Tactics Department, and the Self-Defence Instructor of the Police Force. Master Zac coached the Police Taekwondo Team for Singapore’s National Taekwondo Tournament (1996 to 1997) and the Representative of the Police Force Taekwondo Team.  He was the Champion in the Police Inter-Division Taekwondo Sparring Tournament (1995 to 1997) for three years.

Master Zac represented the Singapore Police Force for the International Practical Shooting Confederation for 4 years and served on the Reservist Shooting Team under the KINS unit for 10 years.  He represented the KINS Shooting Team for Singapore Open Shooting Championship in 2008 & 2010 and achieved Gold Medal in the ‘Master’ Category under Precision Pistol Competition in 2008.

* Recognised by the Government of Korea, the Presidential Body Guard Unit of Korea, and the Korea 27th Anti-terrorist Unit Veteran Association

Sunset Yoga with Aromatherapy
Nicole Tay

Nicole is the founder of Symphony Scentsations. Symphony Scentsations conducts a series of DIY Workshop, such as creating your own Personalised Perfume, Jewellery Making and Soap Making using therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

Before embarking into the natural pathway, Nicole was a Resourcing Manager in the banking industry. Being constantly in a stressful, fast-pace environment, Nicole had neglected her health and suffered bad eczema. Her experiences in the effective usage of therapeutic-grade essential oils make her realize how empowering it is to be able to take charge of our own and our family’s health. In 2015, she decided to focus her energy in advocating natural healthy lifestyle through talks and classes. She advocates education by conducting her own DIY classes, empowering people with the knowledge of using natural solutions.

Professionally, she works with various partner to conduct health and wellness classes on Stress Management, Pain Management and DIY Team-bonding Workshop to Organization like OCBC Bank, Singapore Police Force and HDB. She is an MOE Registered Trainer and conduct elective modules in local school.

Cheryl MacDonald

I’m your average Scottish mum living in Singapore, but I’m also a heavily qualified Yoga Master and founder of YogaBellies® and the Birth ROCKS Method. I’m a multiple-time author, business award winner and yoga teacher to celebrities. I’ve trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the YOgaBellies method

Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained in more female-centric holistic modalities than you could shake a big stick at including yoga; feminine psychology; tantra; hypnosis; somatic movement; naturopathy; massage; meditation and so much more.

I love introducing women (ALL women) to yoga and showing them the difference that yoga can REALLY make to your life – on and off the yoga mat.

YogaBellies is a whole-life approach to wellness for women: Yoga practices, breathing techniques, mindfulness, shadow work, self-improvement, and nutrition.

Helping women to you love themselves and live their best life is my soul purpose.


Yoga with Sound Bath
Jacqui Tay
Baby Massage
Jennifer Lam
Jennifer Lam


I am a Certified Massage Therapist with a special interest in healthcare and fitness. In 2014, I graduated with a Master of Science in Sports Medicine and Health Science, and earned a certification in Sports Nutrition for Active People in Hong Kong. I also practice Clinical Pilates by DMA and Kinesio Taping by Kinesio Taping Association International. I am a certified Aqua personal trainer by Asian Academy for Sports & Fitness Professionals in Hong Kong.


I’m also trained in maternity wellness and graduated with two certifications in Singapore: one in Post-Natal & Infant Massage from SOHA Institute Pte Ltd, and another in Pre-Natal Massage and Lactation Breast Massage from Pro De Beaute Pte Ltd. Additionally, I also hold an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance from the Institute for Adult Learning in Singapore.


I was also a former national athlete, having played lacrosse for Hong Kong from 2014 to 2016. I have a strong passion for understanding how the human body works and with my background, I enjoy working with a varied group of people, including children, teenagers, and mothers. Additionally, as a mother of three, I bring a variety of experiences in sports, healthcare, fitness, and maternity wellness to my clients and peers, giving me a unique perspective in my field.

Panel Discussion - "Connecting fertility and female sexual wellness"
Andrea Tan
Andrea Tan

Andrea works with individuals and couples to create an empowered and embodied relationship with their love and intimate lives, integrating sexuality, pleasure and connected relationships into modern lifestyles. She educates on sexual wellness and health, jade egg for women and emotional healing through a modern Asian lens. Andrea is a Certified VITA*(TM) Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, who also works with jade egg coaching.   Andrea has also been featured in media, social media channels, speaking events and interviews, conducted workshops, private coaching and consulted for related programs and content creation.  Today, she is based out of Asia.


Eugene Law

Eugene envisions building a platform and community that will be at the forefront of relationship and intimacy.

Andy Wee

Andy is the Natural Fertility Expert and founder of FertilityCare Singapore. He helps couples fulfil their dream for a baby and building wonderful families full of joy and happiness by way of understanding the women’s menstrual cycles and fertility potential through the use of the Creighton Model FertilityCare system.

Celestia Faith Chong

Celestia Faith Chong from Singapore 🇸🇬 is a serial entrepreneur, beauty queen, media personality and influencer featured across various media; Epoch Times, 88.3JIA, Love FM97.2, Mediacorp Suria, etc.

A blessed single mom of three kids, Celestia came from a humble background with a roller coaster life journey. Single-handedly, she overcame the challenging hurdles and strived for success.

Believing in creating a better future, together with her trusted partners, Celestia co-founded GirlBoss.Asia, empowering women in Asia to connect, build and grow in their career, business and personal development.

Celestia’s mission is to use her over 20 years of experience to make a difference, motivating future generations to advance towards a better tomorrow.

Panel Discussion - "Building female confidence in the corporate world"
Sabrina Wang

An award-winning serial entrepreneur and advocate in the media, marketing, and technology industry, featured across various media; The Straits Times, Vulcan Post, e27, Inc., iWeekly, 8 Days, etc.

Honouree of the Spirit of Enterprise, Singapore, Sabrina founded Royal Privileged, People’s Inc., a marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, and GirlBoss.Asia.

Shane Profile pic_red
Shane Yan

Shane Yan is co-founder of Growthbeans, a social enterprise that uses coaching-infused techniques to deepen self-awareness in people for their wellbeing, inclusivity and employability. She co-spearheaded the Growth Collective SG to drive community well-being through developing human-centric leadership skills, and is Steerco Member of the SG Mental Wellbeing Network. 

She is also the co-author of the research article “Retirement Intentions and Attitudes promote Post-retirement employment” that was published in the Singapore Labour Journal.

Alexis Toh

Alexis is the Director of Operations of Millionaireasia, a multi-channel magazine for access to High-Net-Worth Individuals in Asia.

Melissa Fann

After graduating with a Bachelors, Melissa then spent a decade in the finance industry before leaving to set up what eventually became The Wellness Insider. Through her experience in marketing and communications together with her journey through body image issues, she started The Wellness Insider as a platform to help people work through body confidence issues through proper opinions on fitness, diet, beauty and lifestyle. In essence, she believes that you don’t need to be a size 0 to be healthy or beautiful. 

Venus Guasha Therapy
Ho Ee Kid

Kid is a Meridian Therapy trainer with Essentially Meridian. In line with the vision of Essentially Meridian, he promotes and teaches this TCM based natural therapy to the public as well as various clubs, companies & organisations both in Singapore and Overseas. Besides conducting meridian therapy workshops, Kid also shares passionately on his knowledge of mental & physical wellness through various wellness groups on Facebook including ‘LUV@SVASTHA’, ‘MERIDIAN101 HEALTH HACKS’ & ‘GUASHA YOUR WAY TO GOOD HEALTH’.

Together with his passionate business partners. he had brought Meridian Therapy skills & knowledge to many various customers including TNT Singapore, Civil Service Club, Aranda Country Club, Orchid Country Club, Singapore Land Authority, Fei Yue Home for the Seniors, Wondrous Light Singapore, The Wellness Insider and many others. Together with his partners, he had also brought meridian therapy overseas including countries like Australia, Malaysia & Cambodia.

How Life Issues Manifest as Health Problems
Master Sim Pern Yiau

Senior Master Sim Pern Yiau (7 Dan) has been teaching Taijigong professionally since July 2004, first as assistant and later as Master teacher (since 2009).

Under the guidances of the various seniors and Grandmasters of the lineage, as well as constant input from his team of dedicated instructors and disciples,  Master Pern Yiau has evolved a system that is easy and effective for the beginner, and content-rich for the serious practitioner.

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